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Where is Premiere Dance Located?

What Are The Business And Office Hours At Premiere Dance Center?

Business Hours:
Monday & Tuesday 3:30pm-9:15pm
Wednesday 9:15am-11:30am 3:30pm-9:15pm
Thursday 3:15pm-9:30pm

Office Hours:
Monday 3:30pm-6:15pm
Tuesday-Thurdsay 3:30pm-7:00pm

(512) 301-7475
[email protected]

How Do I Register?

Register online – click here

How Many Dancers Are Allowed In Class?

Premiere Dance Center limits their class sizes, based on the age of the dancers. Combination classes with dancers ages 2-7 are limited to 10-12 students. Additional students will be placed on a waiting list and contacted as soon as class space becomes available. Classes with dancers ages 7 and above will be limited to 14-16 dancers per class.

What Does My Dancer Need To Wear To Class
  • Combination Classes: Attire for all~ Black leotard, pink tights, tutu/skirt of any color optional. Be sure to bring all shoes in a dance bag and label shoes with dancer’s initials.
    • 2-3 yr, 2-4 yr, & 3-5 yr Shoes: pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes (with black elastic through the eyelets of the tap shoes, no ties please).
    • 4-5 yr, 4-6 yr, & 5-7 yr Shoes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (no ties), and black jazz shoes.
    • 6-8 yr tap/jazz combo Shoes: black tap shoes & black jazz shoes.
    • 6-8 yr ballet/tap/jazz combo Shoes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes(no ties), and black jazz shoes.
    • Boys wear black athletic shorts, white t-shirt, black tap shoes, black ballet shoes, and black jazz shoes (for 4-5 yr combo and older).
  • Mommy-n-Me: Black leotard, pink tights, tutu/skirt of any color optional, pink ballet shoes. Parents are welcome to wear anything they are comfortable in, along with socks or may go barefoot.
  • Ballet/Pointe: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes with elastic sewn on.
  • Tap (youth): Black leotard, any color tights, black boy shorts or black leggings and black tap shoes.
  • Jazz/Contemporary: Black leotard, black boy shorts or leggings and black jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop(youth including boys): Street clothing without zippers or snaps and clean tennis shoes.
  • Stretch & Strengthen/Turns & Progressions/Technique/Musical Theatre: Any color leotard or bra top, boy shorts or leggings and jazz shoes.
  • Performance Company Jazz/Technique/Contemporary: Any color leotard or bra top with boy shorts, leggings or tights and appropriate shoes.
  • Performance Company Hip Hop/Tap: Loose clothing may be worn over the attire listed above.
  • Tumbling: Any color leotard or t-shirt, boy shorts or athletic shorts with bare legs. No shoes or socks.
  • Boys (Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Stretch & Strengthen/Turns & Progressions): Black athletic shorts, white t-shirt and appropriate dance shoes.
  • Adult(Tap/Ballet): Any color and style of athletic wear. Tennis shoes are required for Hip Hop and Cardio Bootcamp. Tap shoes are required for Tap. Ballet shoes are required for Ballet.
Where Can I Get Information On Your Competition Team?

Click here for information on PDCs’ Performance Company, or email us at [email protected].

Can I Watch Class From Inside The Room?

Premiere Dance Center has large viewing windows in every room for parents to enjoy observing class from the lobby.  

Zoom links for combination classes, 4-6 yr. old Hip Hop classes and 4-6 yr. old Tumbling classes are provided. 

What Type of Dance Floors Are Used At Premiere Dance Center?

Premiere Dance Center is equipped with state-of-the-art sprung floors. These floors have the resiliency needed to help prevent injury and fatigue in our students and staff.

When Can We Begin?

You may register for classes year round.