Premiere Dance Center’s Preventive Measures for Coronavirus

Premiere Dance Center’s Preventive Measures for Coronavirus

We are so excited to resume in-person classes.  We have worked very hard to ensure everyone is safe while at Premiere Dance Center. While we are looking forward to having students back in the building, we must remain smart about this and comply with all stipulations laid forth by our Governor and the CDC. We will still offer Zoom classes for the month of June!  Your students safety is our TOP priority!!  

Before you arrive:
*  Every teacher & PDC staff member will have their temperature taken upon arrival and a health screening performed.
*  Every teacher & PDC staff member will wash their hands upon arriving at PDC and sanitize between every class. 
*  Parents must screen their student to ensure they have shown no signs of fever, cough or shortness of breath within the last 7 days.  If they have shown any of these signs, they may not attend in-person class, but may join in virtually.
*  Students should use the bathroom before leaving home, as bathroom use will be limited.  
*  Students should get dressed for class before arriving at Premiere Dance Center.

Once you arrive:
*  Students should wear a face mask in the lobby, in the restroom, as well as while exiting the facility.  Students are not required to wear a mask while in class, however parents are asked to make the decision for their dancer/tumbler.  
*  Students should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled class. 
*  ONLY STUDENTS will be allowed in the facility (with the exception of parents of dancers in Mommy-n-Me). Please discuss this with your dancer before arriving at PDC so they are prepared to leave you at the front door and do not get upset.    
*  Students temperature will be taken and allowed into facility if under 100.0.
*  Students will sanitize hands upon entering.
*  Students will walk directly to their classroom and bring dance bag inside dance room.

Inside the classroom:
*  ONLY STUDENTS are allowed in the dance room (with the exception of Mommy-n-Me class).  
*  All dance bags will be placed in a designated spot in each classroom. 
*  Each room will have social distancing squares indicated on the floor.
*  Students will remain in their designated spot for the majority of class, as feasible.  
*  Teachers will require all dancers to sanitize hands mid-class or after touching any other students or objects, as well as at the end of class before leaving. 
*  No stickers or stamps will be given directly to student, but can be placed on sticker name sheets or in sticker books.  
*  All classes will end 5-10 minutes early to allow transition time for dancers to leave and the new class to arrive, along with time to complete the necessary cleaning & sanitation procedures (unless otherwise noted in a private email). 
*  Teachers will complete sanitation and cleaning between every class.  
*  Should a dancer show signs of illness, the parent will be notified immediately and the dancer will be removed from class and sent home.   
*  Classroom props will not be used (including color spots, scarves, etc).
*  Classroom assignments will vary for some to eliminate the movement of students throughout the studio.  

After Class:
*  Students will be brought to the front sidewalk after class to meet parents for pick-up.  
 Students should be picked up promptly (5-10 minutes earlier than the class end time).  PDC can not be responsible for students left unattended after their class has ended.  
*  PDC families should practice safe social distancing while outside the facility waiting on their student.

More to know:
*  PDC will still offer most classes by ZOOM for June!!  If your student is not ready to return in-person, they can attend class virtually!  In addition, parents of students that are attending in-person classes may watch class through zoom from the parking lot or home, since the lobby will be closed.  
*  Bathrooms will be cleaned & sanitized every hour.
*  Water fountains, legos and train wall toy will be covered or put away to prevent use.
*  The dressing room will be closed.
*  Students can bring a water bottle in their dance bag, be sure it is labeled with their name.
*  The Lobby and Office will be closed to all customers, including those students that need to wait between classes….students will need to leave the facility with their parent/guardian until their next class begins (if classes are not back to back).

*** Everyone taking part in a dance, tumbling or fitness class has the option to wear a face covering/mask while in the classroom, teachers included.  This will be left to your discretion.  Students need to follow the rules their PARENTS have set for them.  PDC will NOT have any influence in your decision and will respect your choice, but teachers can not spend class time fixing masks.  Masks should be worn when not in the dance room, by all!!    

*** By bringing your dancer/tumbler to class at Premiere Dance Center, you understand and agree there is risk involved.  While we will do our best to keep proper social distancing, it may not always be feasible.  We will continue to enforce good hand sanitation, cough etiquette, cleanliness and sanitation when this distancing is not feasible, as the Governor & CDC require.